PAD I Series


The PAD I series LED Street light is a simple and elegant solution which can be used at all kinds of road. The simple pick pack installation mode and standard Φ60 connector, making it is much easier to service and change than traditional street light.

  • Precise bat wing light distribution with primary lens technology, a perfect lighting choice for city roads.
  • Die-cast aluminum alloy lamp case, anticorrosive coated after anti-oxidant processing.
  • Tempered glass cover.
  • Compact and aesthetic.
  • Water-proof, anticorrosive and lightning protected.
  • Perfect replacement of 250W or 400W high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp with 61%~75% energy saved.
  • Lifespan ≥ 50000hrs.
  • Adjustable light output (optional).
  • Intelligent control functions such as timer control, temperature control, photo sensor control, acoustic sensor control, internet control, digital management control etc.
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